Always prompt and I believe honest service


awesome work and great customer service !!


Quick gas stop. Spouse said the rest room was clean.


Great service at a reasonable price


Took my new tires to get mounted. Fast service but bad job. All four rims have the same type of markings. Disappointed to say the least


They've worked on my cars for as long as I've been old enough to drive! This is a family business that takes care of their customers, with mechanics you can trust!


I have dealt with Steve and his crew since 1990. They have worked on 9 different vehicles that my family and I brought to them From state inspections to transmission module replacement. I have nothing but high remarks. Not everything is going to be inexpensive but they have high quality workmanship. I read some of the complaints and some people just seem to want to scam or they aren't familiar with the garage world. Needless to say I grew up with a mechanic father and he expl...


The Court House Shell is the embodiment of everything great in life. It holds all of life's great pleasures while simultaneously providing top notch customer service. Just the scent of the gas station is enough to keep me coming back. I open the doors, a gust of cool air caresses my cheeks and fills my lungs, the faint scent of gasoline goes up my nose and lets me know "I'm at the Shell." If you are ever hesitant about spending the extra cents at the Court House Shell let me be the first to tell you that it is worth it for more reasons than one. The employees are masters of their craft and I can tell that they put work into it off of the clock as well. You may ask "Is this really the perfect gas station? There must be a downside right Adam?" And I tell you no. If you enjoy quality service (with a smile I may add) then the Court House Shell should be at the top of your list. They simply dwarf the competition in all aspects of the gas station game. The snack choice is limited so that is why I'm rating the Courthouse Shell a 2/5. -Adam "Lobster Hands" Ali


Have been going to Courthouse Shell for years, I trust them completely!!! They are always friendly and very helpful every time I have a problem with my vehicle. We take all of our vehicles there for whatever problem we may have & the prices are very reasonable. I recommend them to people all the time.


I've known Steve for 20 years he's truly one of the good guys if you ever need your car repaired please go see Steve. Curtis Price II